Let the festivities begin…

Starting in late April or early May the village festivals take place across Portugal. Associated with local saints, the festivals are an opportunity to eat, drink, and generally be merry. Nowadays, the evenings are given over to bands who tour the country, playing a mixture of traditional Portuguese music and covers of rock songs. ThisContinue reading “Let the festivities begin…”

Minta and The Brook Trout at Teatro Aveirense

The second part of the concert last Friday was from Minta and The Brook Trout. This four-piece acoustic rock band couldn’t have been more different than Samuel Úria, but the two sessions complemented each other perfectly. A Portuguese band that sings solely in English (the other group I think of like this are Fingertips), MintaContinue reading “Minta and The Brook Trout at Teatro Aveirense”

Samuel Úria at Teatro Aveirense

Last weekend we were lucky enough to be able to cover a double bill concert of Samuel Úria and Minta and The Brook Trout at Teatro Aveirense, Aveiro. These were two completely different acts, Minta playing a nostalgic acoustic rock, while Samuel was very much a poet who expresses his poetry through music. Samuel usedContinue reading “Samuel Úria at Teatro Aveirense”

Grupo Ondas in Malhapão Rico

Our first band of the new year was also our last band of 2012. After wanting the chance to cover Grupo Ondas for ages, like London buses two opportunities came along at once. This time, Grupo Ondas were in Malhapão Rico, a village not too far from Oiã, and the show was well attended, especiallyContinue reading “Grupo Ondas in Malhapão Rico”

Quim Barreiros at Festa do Silveiro

During September was the Festa do Silveiro. On the last day there was a concert by Quim Barreiros, perhaps one of the most popular ‘pimba’ musicians. Pimba is a relativiely modern variation of traditional Portuguese music, often with a lot of sexual innuendo (pretty much all of which goes over my head). This was theContinue reading “Quim Barreiros at Festa do Silveiro”