Christmas Eve at the Praia da Barra

It’s not just in Australia that you can head to the beach at Christmas, despite what everyone might be led to believe. Last Wednesday, Christmas Eve to be precise, we were fortunate enough to enjoy a pleasant afternoon at the Praia da Barra. It might look tranquil, but there were lots of freestyle surfers enjoyingContinue reading “Christmas Eve at the Praia da Barra”

Freestyle surfers at the Praia da Barra

I managed to get to the Praia da Barra on Sunday. It’s been the first time for a while but it was a beautiful day; clear blue sky, decent waves and not too cold (especially with my gloves and little hat). There were a fair number of surfers out, along with SUP riders and aContinue reading “Freestyle surfers at the Praia da Barra”

Back to the Praia da Barra

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the Praia da Barra to photograph the freestyle surfers. This hasn’t been deliberate, a combination of other commitments and a minor health issue means I haven’t been able to get out much. But for the first time for a long time I was in a positionContinue reading “Back to the Praia da Barra”

Surfing at the Praia de Bairra, Aveiro

We finally had an opportunity to go to the Praia de Bairra to photograph the surfers. These are not of the client that we were asked to photograph but are of a group of surfers who joined us for a morning on the waves…

Surfing photography – a dry run

We found ourselves on the beach at the weekend, which was nice. On one of the beaches there were a crowd of surfers, both experienced and novice, on the waves. I had tried once before, but it wasn’t too successful, and we have been asked to photograph a surfer in the next couple of weeks, soContinue reading “Surfing photography – a dry run”