The front door, 2 December 2021

The front door of the large abandoned house in Oliveira do Bairro is a wonderfully ornate structure, now left decaying and rusting. The house must have been wonderful in its heyday, possibly with dinners and lavish parties, for the size of the building and the structure inside (yes, I snuck inside briefly, but don’t tellContinue reading “The front door, 2 December 2021”

Urban Textures, 19 March 2021

We don’t go very far in lockdown, apart from shopping once every other week and the occasional visit to nearby Oliveira do Bairro. But there is still plenty to see nearby, and sometimes it is so familiar that it takes a while to notice it—like this old brick shed with a fabulously rusty door. YouContinue reading “Urban Textures, 19 March 2021”