Fun with waves, 26 August 2021

It was tough to have a little fun with the waves today as the sea was just so … flat. However,  in the wave cycle there were a good couple of ‘splashy’ waves that you could have fun with. There’s a dark side, though: these waves that are so nice are actually part of aContinue reading “Fun with waves, 26 August 2021”

Ferias 2021: our daily view of the beach, 10 August 2021

It was deceptive on the beach today. The water was lovely, warm and inviting, but the waves were 2m or more and would suck you in if you tried to swim. I thought of them as ‘Sirens’ waves. The water draws in the unwary then crushes them mercilessly.

Ferias 2021: our daily view of the beach, 7 August 2021

It was, of course, another sunny day at the beach. Went for something a little different with regards to showing the waves.