Ferias 2021: até ja, praia (8 September 2021)

It was a glorious start to our last day on the beach. The sun rose into a clear blue sky and we were excited at the prospect of one final day in the sun before our return to normality. Although we went to the beach,  on our arrival it started to rain so we neverContinue reading “Ferias 2021: até ja, praia (8 September 2021)”

A wasp after the rain

We had a most ferocious rainstorm, and afterward I spotted this wasp taking a drink from the drops on a rosebush. Trying to get closer, I disturbed his libations, but then he turned around and looked like he was drying to dry himself off. It wasn’t until I prepared the images I realised quite howContinue reading “A wasp after the rain”

The rain in Portugal falls… and falls… and…

This is from a few days ago, but you get the drift. It’s been raining. Heavily. This morning I was awoken at 4am, then again at 6am, just with the rain beating down. Still, we are lucky. Yesterday afternoon in Castelo Branco, and again in Alentejo, there were tornados