Cast ashore, 31 August 2022

While I was swimming in the warm water, about 10m away this amazing creature was being washed up onto the beach. We thought it was a dead fish next to a plastic bag at first, but closer inspection showed it to be a beautiful Portuguese Man o’War. A few times a wave caught the creatureContinue reading “Cast ashore, 31 August 2022”

Went a little full-spectrum crazy today, 12 August 2022

Out early in Meco this morning for some IR with the modified Lumix  and the Urth IR filter. However, I decided to dispense with the filter and just go ‘commando’. These full-spectrum shots came out really nice. I think I need to fiddle with the colour channels to get more of an ‘aerochrome’ look (andContinue reading “Went a little full-spectrum crazy today, 12 August 2022”

Liminal space on the beach, 26 July 2022

“A liminal space is the time between the ‘what was’ and the ‘next.’ It is a place of transition …” Today I thought I would explore liminal spaces, specifically that moment between a sandy beach and the moment immediately preceding the next wave coming in. I came across a couple of objects that had beenContinue reading “Liminal space on the beach, 26 July 2022”

Ferias 2021: até ja, praia (8 September 2021)

It was a glorious start to our last day on the beach. The sun rose into a clear blue sky and we were excited at the prospect of one final day in the sun before our return to normality. Although we went to the beach,  on our arrival it started to rain so we neverContinue reading “Ferias 2021: até ja, praia (8 September 2021)”

Ferias 2021: our daily view of the beach, 3 September 2021

No views of the sea today. Why not, you ask. Well, thought you already had too much of a good thing. So today we’re concentrating on the main character of our beach, the cliffs.

Ferias 2021: Our daily view of the beach, 30 August 2021

Today was just … different. We headed for the beach just before noon on a lovely sunny day. There was no traffic at all on the walk to the beach, and ahead us was a clear blue sky. However, as we drew near the beach it became clear that there was a haze over theContinue reading “Ferias 2021: Our daily view of the beach, 30 August 2021”