Lo-Fi: First experiences with #PolaroidWeek, 27 October 2022

I have never taken part in Polaroid week before, but after my experiment with #theHandle I figured, why not? The Week originally started in 2006 as a celebration of Polaroid film and runs twice a year, in October and April, but has since evolved into recognising all kinds of instant film, not just Polaroid, whichContinue reading “Lo-Fi: First experiences with #PolaroidWeek, 27 October 2022”

Playing with Polaroid, 27 July 2021

The last two films from my Polaroid 600. Next up I’m planning to try Polaroid 600 Black and White film and the Dutch tome Black and blue.

Playing with Polaroid, 14 July 2021

Reuniting with analogue photography. Experimenting with exposure on the Polaroid 600. The first image is with the ‘regular’ setting, the second to set exposure a little darker and the third a little lighter.