Grupo Republika at Águas Boas

It’s been a couple of years since I have been to a local festival, and I had forgotten how energetic and spectacular they are. Last weekend, in Águas Boas, it was the Festival da Santa Margarida, held over the weekend of the third Sunday in July. Like all local festivals in Portugal, the weekend isContinue reading “Grupo Republika at Águas Boas”

Quim Barreiros at Festa do Silveiro

During September was the Festa do Silveiro. On the last day there was a concert by Quim Barreiros, perhaps one of the most popular ‘pimba’ musicians. Pimba is a relativiely modern variation of traditional Portuguese music, often with a lot of sexual innuendo (pretty much all of which goes over my head). This was theContinue reading “Quim Barreiros at Festa do Silveiro”