Cellpic Sunday, #CloseUp on our new palms, 10 July 2022

We went to the local garden centre about a month ago and brought back some little palms. After repotting and allowing them time to adjust it looks as though one of them is finally starting to flourish. I don’t normally take part in these online ‘challenges’, not because I don’t want to but mostly becauseContinue reading “Cellpic Sunday, #CloseUp on our new palms, 10 July 2022”

Infrared cloudscapes, 04 June 2022

Between rainstorms I took the opportunity to take some rubbish to the bin (here there are large communal bins rather than individual bins for each house) and noticed clouds behind the neighbours’ orchard.  I grabbed a quick photo on my phone but just knew it would be a treat in infrared.  I took a fewContinue reading “Infrared cloudscapes, 04 June 2022”