Street photography in the only street in Fetais, 23 August 2022

A recent Twitter poll was asking about street photography, which encouraged me to get out in Fetais with the full-spectrum Lumix  and the Urth IR filter. Now, where’s that street again?

When a plan doesn’t quite come together, 08 August 2022

After a mixed start the sun came out and I took the chance to pop out to revisit a few places in Fetais near Meco with the full-spectrum Lumix  and the Urth IR filter. Unfortunately, as soon as I went out the clouds rolled in leaving a hazy and  cloudy day. Still, I persisted andContinue reading “When a plan doesn’t quite come together, 08 August 2022”

Infrared cloudscapes, 04 June 2022

Between rainstorms I took the opportunity to take some rubbish to the bin (here there are large communal bins rather than individual bins for each house) and noticed clouds behind the neighbours’ orchard.  I grabbed a quick photo on my phone but just knew it would be a treat in infrared.  I took a fewContinue reading “Infrared cloudscapes, 04 June 2022”

Infrared street photography in Águas Boas, 19 March 2022

It was a lovely sunny day again, so it was a chance to take the R72 IR filter to Águas Boas for some infrared urban photography.  These images are taken from the JPGs rather than using the RAW files and were processed in SnapSeed. They came out rather well.

Experiments with Infrared, 18 March 2022

I’ve been wanting to dabble with infrared (IR) photography for a while. The last time was in the early 1980s, with Kodak’s famous infrared film, but that’s not been available for a long time. I bought a little Canon digital to turn into a full-spectrum camera (more about that soon) but in the meantime IContinue reading “Experiments with Infrared, 18 March 2022”