2016-11-06 Freestyle surfers

Images from the freestyle session on Sunday morning, a flavour of the surfers, bodyboarders and longboarders from the day. There are some lovely examples of walking the longboard, too. Please feel free to comment and share the gallery, as usual. At Praia da Barra, Aveiro, Portugal [FAG id=1909]

2016-06-12 Freestyle surfers (Praia do Labrego)

The gallery from Sunday is up, I hope everyone likes it. The waves were breaking alongside the pier, so I managed to get a load of photographs from the side, which is certainly a novel way of looking at surfers. [FAG id=1912]

2016-04-28 Freestyle surfers (Praia da Barra)

Fabulous, simply FABULOUS morning at Barra today. Clear blue skies, sun low in the sky. Took hundreds of photos it was a mad session editing and posting the piccies. The gallery for the most session at the Praia da Barra is edited and uploaded and hopefully it’s done everyone who was there justice. There wereContinue reading “2016-04-28 Freestyle surfers (Praia da Barra)”

2016-03-13 Freestyle surfers (Praia da Barra)

Great session at the Praia da Barra this morning. There was something for everyone, bodyboard, surfers, longboard, SUP and even a kayak surfer. I’m about two-thirds of the way through editing the images and I hope to have them finished and posted tomorrow. Also great to meet Pedro, from Lisbon. Completed editing the images fromContinue reading “2016-03-13 Freestyle surfers (Praia da Barra)”

2016-03-12 Freestyle surfers (Praia da Barra)

After a little time spent ‘chasing the waves’ this morning, we ended up at Praia da Barra. The tide was out when we arrived, but the waves soon picked up. If I didn’t get everyone, my apologies, but I hope that you’ll like these from the day. All being well. I’ll be at Barra againContinue reading “2016-03-12 Freestyle surfers (Praia da Barra)”

2016-02-20 Freestyle surfers (Praia da Barra)

Everyone seemed to have a great morning’s surfing today. After a slow start the waves improved greatly and at one point I counted over 20 surfers in the water. It was busy and a fabulous day, weather-wise. If I missed you, I’m sorry but please feel free to share and comment. All the best …Continue reading “2016-02-20 Freestyle surfers (Praia da Barra)”

2015-12-10 Freestyle surfers

In case you missed these, here is the ‘sunset session’. I also got some lovely sunset pictures from the Praia da Barra which I don’t think I have ever posted. Early in December I managed to go to Barra for the afternoon. We had a lovely time, though the sun moved quickly behind the surfersContinue reading “2015-12-10 Freestyle surfers”