Geek moment of the day…

For the past few days we have been on an enforced sabbatical from the Internet, brought on from the fact that thieves stole the telephone cables supplying broadband, TV and telephone to our house (and many other houses in the area). Of course, this provided a grand opportunity to catch up (or re-watch) a loadContinue reading “Geek moment of the day…”

Helicopters exercising over Oiã

The Portuguese military is hosting an exercise in Ovar, near Porto, and each day the helicopters are flying over Oiã. There are only about 8 or 10, but it is fascinating to watch them go over. When you flick through these images, see if you can spot the airmen sitting on the edge of theContinue reading “Helicopters exercising over Oiã”

Yesterday on Twitter there was a pure piece of Nerd-gold

This image probably needs no explanation, but for those who don’t know, William Shatner, of Star Trek fame, tweeted the astronaut Chris Hadfield, who is the Flight Engineer on the International Space Station. Hadfield replied to the tweet in the language of Star Trek. The response is something that Sulu or Scotty might have uttered onContinue reading “Yesterday on Twitter there was a pure piece of Nerd-gold”