Ferias 2021: a strange day on the beach, 21 August 2021

It was a lovely day weather-wise, but although we went to the beach there wasn’t an opportunity to go into the water. We began receiving news from early morning sunbathers that something strange was happening on the beach. Thousands of dead carapão, a fish like a large sardine, were being washed up on the beach. WhenContinue reading “Ferias 2021: a strange day on the beach, 21 August 2021”

The loneliest sunbather, 17 August 2021

At the weekend the beach was packed with people. Now, during the week, there is ample space. But whenever you go, there’s always ‘o solitario’, the chap who arrives by himself, finds a spot away from everyone else, and after a spell in the sun quietly leaves … alone. https://keithdevereux.blogspot.com/2021/08/the-loneliest-sunbather-17-august-2021.html

Ferias 2021: our daily view of the beach, 17 August 2021

It used to be that you could wander along the shoreline and pick up a collection of beautiful pebbles. Now, all that are left are tiny stones and the weathered fragments of shells. https://keithdevereux.blogspot.com/2021/08/ferias-2021-our-daily-view-of-beach-17.html

Ferias 2021: our daily view of the beach, 10 August 2021

It was deceptive on the beach today. The water was lovely, warm and inviting, but the waves were 2m or more and would suck you in if you tried to swim. I thought of them as ‘Sirens’ waves. The water draws in the unwary then crushes them mercilessly. https://keithdevereux.blogspot.com/2021/08/ferias-2021-our-daily-view-of-beach-10.html

Ferias 2021: our daily view of the beach, 7 August 2021

It was, of course, another sunny day at the beach. Went for something a little different with regards to showing the waves. https://youtube.com/shorts/OM1ghlF_1Vk?feature=share  https://keithdevereux.blogspot.com/2021/08/ferias-2021-our-daily-view-of-beach-7.html