By the road in Águas Boas, 30 October 2022

When I’m out for a walk, it’s customary for me to bring back a flower for my better half. Not an actual flower, of course, but a photograph of an interesting bloom. There were lots of flowers by the roadside, but these were mostly dandelions and are so common. But then, along a wall, wasContinue reading “By the road in Águas Boas, 30 October 2022”

Hidden from the world, 07 August 2022

Tucked away half way up the cliff we traverse to get to the beach, and camouflaged against potential threats and also it’s prey, is this magnificent beast. I have no idea what species it is, but isn’t it wonderful? Every day for the past week and a half, at least, I’ve been trying to getContinue reading “Hidden from the world, 07 August 2022”

Cellpic Sunday, #CloseUp on our new palms, 10 July 2022

We went to the local garden centre about a month ago and brought back some little palms. After repotting and allowing them time to adjust it looks as though one of them is finally starting to flourish. I don’t normally take part in these online ‘challenges’, not because I don’t want to but mostly becauseContinue reading “Cellpic Sunday, #CloseUp on our new palms, 10 July 2022”