Concrete pipes in infrared, 3 May 2022

A couple of weeks ago I took out the the 2€ #shittydigital camera and photographed some long-abandoned concrete pipes.  The plan was to use the modified Canon A1400 for some digital infrared photographs, but the weather was not good enough for infrared photography. This morning the weather was ideal, so before our fortnightly shop IContinue reading “Concrete pipes in infrared, 3 May 2022”

How (not) to convert a digital point and shoot camera to full spectrum

[NOTE: This is an old uncompleted post that described how I made my first conversion of a Canon Powershot A1400 point and shoot camera to full spectrum camera for infrared photography. It is nly intended as a guide for anyone who might want to convert a Powershot A1400. Since then I have made a secondContinue reading “How (not) to convert a digital point and shoot camera to full spectrum”