The #FrugalFilmProject and how I came to end up with two Agfa Clacks, 19 May 2023

So on and off ( mostly off) I have been participating in this years Frugal Film Project on Facebook. I rarely take part in Facebook challenges, but this one has been around for a few years and I always find it interesting to see what people are posting each month. So this time I thoughtContinue reading “The #FrugalFilmProject and how I came to end up with two Agfa Clacks, 19 May 2023”

Trichromes: The May 2023 entry for the #FrugalFilmProject.

After the April ‘fat’ roll for panoramas, I was a little nervous about exposing another film through the Agfa Clack. My idea to add a metal spring to the take-up spool was a failure, but I needed to enter a film for the following month and I had already decided to try trichromes, so IContinue reading “Trichromes: The May 2023 entry for the #FrugalFilmProject.”

Panoramas: The April entry for the #FrugalFilmProject 2023

I had decided that the April theme for the Frugal Film Project was to be panoramas, specifically ‘Agfaramas’ made in a similar way to Holgaramas but using the Agfa Clack (Clackaramas?): Taking an image, winding the film on to nearly the following frame, turning the camera slightly then taking another image, and so forth. ThisContinue reading “Panoramas: The April entry for the #FrugalFilmProject 2023”

The #FrugalFilmProject, March 2023: Second and third films with the Agfa Clack

After a difficult February I returned to the Frugal Film Project with renewed vigour in March. I had a film to finish in the Holga so took the opportunity to take the Agfa Clack to Aveiro at the same time. I took two films. The first I used to make a Pep Ventosa-like multiple exposure,Continue reading “The #FrugalFilmProject, March 2023: Second and third films with the Agfa Clack”

The #FrugalFilmProject, January 2023: My first film with the Agfa Clack

Although ordered in good time, my Fomapan Retro films didn’t arrive until very late in January and I thought that I might miss the deadline for taking the first film. However,  on 31 January I thought that I would load up the Clack and take a test roll. Loading the camera was a joy, andContinue reading “The #FrugalFilmProject, January 2023: My first film with the Agfa Clack”

Participating in the #FrugalFilmProject with the Agfa Clack

This year I am planning to take part in the Frugal Film Project (FPP). The FPP was the idea of Sherry Christensen a few years ago. The idea is to use the cheapest film you can find and a cheap camera and use that combination for the whole year. The camera should not cost moreContinue reading “Participating in the #FrugalFilmProject with the Agfa Clack”

#OldCameraChallenge, the Agfa Preisbox (Part 2)

On a cloudy day I took out the Agfa Preisbox loaded with Lomography Redscale film. The subject for the day was Pole-arity, I felt that the cloudy skies with electricity poles would complement the Redscale film adequately.  The Preisbox was a joy to handle, compared with the stiffness of the Kodak Brownie, and I reckonContinue reading “#OldCameraChallenge, the Agfa Preisbox (Part 2)”

#OldCameraChallenge, at the Feira da Março with the Agfa Click-1

On the first weekend of the Feira da Março in Aveiro, we took the Agfa Click-1 and some Lomography ISO 100 Colour film to the fairground for some multiple exposures and microclick panoramas. #Agfa, #Click-1, #Camera, #classic, #film, #OCC22, #OldCameraChallenge, #old, #photography, #Retro, #vintage, #Lomography,

#OldCameraChallenge, the Agfa Preisbox (Part 1)

The second camera in the #OldCameraChallenge is the Agfa Preisbox. I’ve been a bit slow in continuing with the challenge as current events, first the continuing pandemic and lately Putin’s unwarranted attack on Ukraine have been very demotivating. The Agfa 44 box camera, known as the Preisbox, was first introduced in 1933 and was madeContinue reading “#OldCameraChallenge, the Agfa Preisbox (Part 1)”