An abandoned house in Oliveira do Bairro, 2 December 2021

This house opposite the post office in Oliveira has been abandoned for decades. On the front someone has stencilled, ‘they have guns, but we have flowers,’ a reference to the 1974 carnation revolution in Portugal that overthrew the fascist government.

The journey home: Tagging trains (9 September 2021)

The origin of railway graffiti began with the New York subway artists during the 1970’s. Today, tagging trains remains a popular form of expression and railway carriages and freight wagons that carry graffiti are seen by some as rolling museums, carrying works of art across the country.

The house on the hill, 24 August 2021

Over 20 years go someone decided to build a luxury home on the hill overlooking the road from Alfarim into Meco. Sadly, they chose to do this without the necessary permits and the council halted the work. The house, little more than a frame but a good indication of the home it could have been,Continue reading “The house on the hill, 24 August 2021”