Portuguese Mosaic Tiling: Carris

Tiles (called azulejos) are everywhere in Portugal. They decorate everything from the walls of churches and monasteries, to palaces, houses, fountains, shops, and train stations. They often portray scenes from the history of the country, show its most ravishing sights, or simply serve as street signs, nameplates, or house numbers. The term azulejo comes from the ArabicContinue reading “Portuguese Mosaic Tiling: Carris”

On the Streets of Portugal

One of the oddities of Portugal is the mixture of buildings you find in most towns and cities. Alongside a modern villa you’ll find an old house, or alongside an apartment block will be a patch of unused land, and there are half-built structures all over the countryside. Partly a comment on the current stateContinue reading “On the Streets of Portugal”

Urban Grafitti

This is one of my favourite houses in Aveiro, just a stone’s throw away from the railway station. At first glimpse you’ll miss it, but check out the right hand ‘window’ and someone has drawn a pig on the wall. You used to be able to see the whole image, I have a photo ofContinue reading “Urban Grafitti”