Actors of Urban Change, 27 October 2021

Several years ago, the city of Aveiro initiated Vivacidade, ‘Dressing-Up the City Voids’. The aim was to enable the local community to transform abandoned spaces into useful places. Actors of Urban Change was the team who coordinated and promoted the project’s objectives. This old stencilled wall looks like it’s an advertising hoarding for the campaign,Continue reading “Actors of Urban Change, 27 October 2021”

Artwork by Zooter, 27 October 2021

Tucked away near the park with the sculpture by Luis Queimadela is a small piece by the Portuguese artist Dalila Montero, known as ‘Zooter’. Zooter has been commissioned for various street art projects around Aveiro, and I’m not sure whether this is part of one of these commissions or if this is a personal piece.Continue reading “Artwork by Zooter, 27 October 2021”

Old sculptures in Aveiro, 27 October 2021

As everyone who knows me knows, I love Aveiro for its canals, its fabulous buildings and its magnificent street art. In 2009, Aveiro in collaboration with the VerArte Gallery, installed 14 sculptures around the city by the Portuguese sculptor Luis Queimadela. Titled “InVitro,” These square-face, block-body sculptures represent post-modern bodies through extremes, such as face andContinue reading “Old sculptures in Aveiro, 27 October 2021”

Aveiro: The Metal Fence, 13 October 2021

Wherever someone has created a barrier or left a bare wall, graffiti artists or taggers have covered it. Many years ago the building behind this fence was demolished,  and the owners erected a metal fence before the land was redeveloped. However, nothing was ever done and the fence, tagged long ago by some forgotten artist,Continue reading “Aveiro: The Metal Fence, 13 October 2021”

Aveiro: The Alley, 13 October 2021

In the centre of the city there’s an alley that used to be lined with derelict buildings. On one side was a wall of street art from a long-forgotten festival, while on the other the buildings were being renovated. I imagined that since then the art was long gone. But no, it seems to haveContinue reading “Aveiro: The Alley, 13 October 2021”

Aveiro: The Underpass, 13 October 2021

The road to the Yacht Club passes under the A25, the main road that runs from the coast at Barra all the way to Spain. Underneath the road, an area has been paved over as a car park. Inevitably graffiti artists have left their mark.

Aveiro: The Yacht Club, 13 October 2021

Just outside the city, the Aveiro Yacht Club is a dockyard and marina for boats from Aveiro and beyond. Once a bustling area, the land around the Club is now largely derelict and has become a haven for graffiti artists.

Stencil Street Art in Aveiro, 13 October 2021

Political street art is common in Aveiro, whether these are vintage works from before the turn of the twenty-first century or modern messages about voting in the last general election. It is quite popular in recent years for activists from political parties to prepare stencils of their message and spray these on walls around theContinue reading “Stencil Street Art in Aveiro, 13 October 2021”

The journey home: Tagging trains (9 September 2021)

The origin of railway graffiti began with the New York subway artists during the 1970’s. Today, tagging trains remains a popular form of expression and railway carriages and freight wagons that carry graffiti are seen by some as rolling museums, carrying works of art across the country.

Vintage Street Art in the aldeia do Meco, 26 August 2021

The aldeia do Meco is filled with some really old street art. These images are from the first wall I ever saw in Meco. On the whole the work has remained untouched, but there is a new section of wall, and I’m sure that at least one piece has been lost under the new render.Continue reading “Vintage Street Art in the aldeia do Meco, 26 August 2021”

The house on the hill, 24 August 2021

Over 20 years go someone decided to build a luxury home on the hill overlooking the road from Alfarim into Meco. Sadly, they chose to do this without the necessary permits and the council halted the work. The house, little more than a frame but a good indication of the home it could have been,Continue reading “The house on the hill, 24 August 2021”