Hidden from the world, 07 August 2022

Tucked away half way up the cliff we traverse to get to the beach, and camouflaged against potential threats and also it’s prey, is this magnificent beast. I have no idea what species it is, but isn’t it wonderful? Every day for the past week and a half, at least, I’ve been trying to getContinue reading “Hidden from the world, 07 August 2022”

A foggy start to the day, 1 August 2022

After a glorious week, we woke up Monday morning to a really thick fog. The area around Meco exists as a microclimate, and while the rest of the country was basking (!?) in up to 40°C heat here it did not get much over the mid twenties Celsius. However, it was a grand opportunity toContinue reading “A foggy start to the day, 1 August 2022”