A little experimentation with image stacking, 1 August 2022

As planned over the weekend, on Monday I wanted to take the Olympus Pen mirrorless to the beach and try a little image stacking, making multiple exposures on a single frame. This is possible on the Olympus with the Experimental Lens Kit, which I had bought specifically for this technique. By setting the shutter speedContinue reading “A little experimentation with image stacking, 1 August 2022”

Taking the Lomo LC-A out for a test drive in Águas Boas, 03 July 2022

When the Lomo LC-A arrived it contained what I thought was a part used film. Sadly, when it was developed it turned out that the whole film had been completely exposed to light and it was blank. It was a lovely sunny day, and an opportunity to load the Lomo LC-A with one of theContinue reading “Taking the Lomo LC-A out for a test drive in Águas Boas, 03 July 2022”

Lo-Fi: A test run with the broken mirrorless camera and the experimental lens kit, 17 June 2022

A test run in the woods with the Olympus Pen E-PL1 and the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit.  First attempts at in-camera multiple exposures and image stacking (and one failed microclick ‘panorama’).

Lo-Fi: The broken mirrorless camera and the experimental lens kit

Who on earth would buy a broken mirrorless camera? I picked up this Olympus Pen E-PL1 from Kamerastore with broken image stabilization. I wasn’t looking for anything perfect but I recently discovered the Lomography Experimental Lens kit and it looks like it might be an interesting project. I’m thinking freelensing and a possible future conversionContinue reading “Lo-Fi: The broken mirrorless camera and the experimental lens kit”

#OldCameraChallenge: The Lomo LC-A, where it all began

Today my model of the camera that started off the whole Lomography movement arrived, the Lomo LC-A. I hadn’t actually planned to purchase a 35mm camera, as I feel I have enough cameras (from 110 to 120/620) to keep me busy for a good while. However, I recently learned of ‘EBS’ photography, where both sides ofContinue reading “#OldCameraChallenge: The Lomo LC-A, where it all began”

Out with the Fujifilm XPS3 camera from the digital Outlet Box, 03 June 2022

I’ve been so wrapped up with taking digital infrared photographs with the converted Lumix DMC-TZ8 that the other cameras in the Outlet Box have been ignored.  There were a load of really nice cameras in the Outlet Box, so let’s take a look at some of the others. Today it’s time to flex the musclesContinue reading “Out with the Fujifilm XPS3 camera from the digital Outlet Box, 03 June 2022”

Lo-Fi: Five frames with the Fujifilm Instax 100

The #ShittyCameraChallenge has introduced a new challenge for instant cameras. Although I already have a Polaroid 600, I wanted to try Instax film but really wanted something a little bigger than Instax mini. In Portugal there is a site called OLX, where people advertise used products for sale. There were plenty of Instax Mini andContinue reading “Lo-Fi: Five frames with the Fujifilm Instax 100”

#OldCameraChallenge, Making a Bolta spool for the Ikko Sha Start 35k

Today I started making myself a Bolta spool for the Ikko Sha Start 35k from a 12 exposure cassette of Konica VX100 35mm film (expired in 2004). The Ikko Sha takes 35mm film, but instead of using a cassette, like nowadays, it uses unperforated 35mm film on a paper backing. The Bolta spools are slightlyContinue reading “#OldCameraChallenge, Making a Bolta spool for the Ikko Sha Start 35k”

#OldCameraChallenge, the Ikko Sha Start 35k

I picked up a new camera recently, the Ikko Sha Start 35k. It was completely an impulse buy from Kamerastore, it’s not a camera I have ever heard of before and I could find very little about it online—and in a way that was part of the appeal. I just saw it and thought, ‘IContinue reading “#OldCameraChallenge, the Ikko Sha Start 35k”

Going digital, another Kamerastore Outlet Box

Oops, I did it again! After my experience with the vintage camera Kamerastore outlet box that is (still) an ongoing project I was excited to find that they had released some more boxes. There were over 100 boxes of analogue and digital cameras, and although there were lots of film camera boxes that were appealingContinue reading “Going digital, another Kamerastore Outlet Box”

#OldCameraChallenge, the Agfa Preisbox (Part 2)

On a cloudy day I took out the Agfa Preisbox loaded with Lomography Redscale film. The subject for the day was Pole-arity, I felt that the cloudy skies with electricity poles would complement the Redscale film adequately.  The Preisbox was a joy to handle, compared with the stiffness of the Kodak Brownie, and I reckonContinue reading “#OldCameraChallenge, the Agfa Preisbox (Part 2)”

Out with the shitty digital 2€ camera, 08 April 2022

The plan was to take out the modified Canon A1400 for some digital infrared photography with these concrete pipes, which are leftover from some long abandoned development outside Oliveira do Bairro.  However, as the weather was not conducive to infrared photography, it was an opportunity to take out the ‘new’ #shittydigital Olympus FE-150 instead. 

How (not) to convert a digital point and shoot camera to full spectrum

[NOTE: This is an old uncompleted post that described how I made my first conversion of a Canon Powershot A1400 point and shoot camera to full spectrum camera for infrared photography. It is nly intended as a guide for anyone who might want to convert a Powershot A1400. Since then I have made a secondContinue reading “How (not) to convert a digital point and shoot camera to full spectrum”

#OldCameraChallenge, at the Feira da Março with the Agfa Click-1

On the first weekend of the Feira da Março in Aveiro, we took the Agfa Click-1 and some Lomography ISO 100 Colour film to the fairground for some multiple exposures and microclick panoramas. #Agfa, #Click-1, #Camera, #classic, #film, #OCC22, #OldCameraChallenge, #old, #photography, #Retro, #vintage, #Lomography,

Lo-fi photography: microclick panoramas, 22 March 2022

Microclick panoramas are also known as Holgaramas as they have commonly been produced with the Holga plastic lens ‘toy’ cameras. Simply, the film advance of the Holga is manual, and each time it is turned it issues a little ‘click’. After taking a photograph, instead of winding on to the next frame another photograph canContinue reading “Lo-fi photography: microclick panoramas, 22 March 2022”

#OldCameraChallenge, the Agfa Preisbox (Part 1)

The second camera in the #OldCameraChallenge is the Agfa Preisbox. I’ve been a bit slow in continuing with the challenge as current events, first the continuing pandemic and lately Putin’s unwarranted attack on Ukraine have been very demotivating. The Agfa 44 box camera, known as the Preisbox, was first introduced in 1933 and was madeContinue reading “#OldCameraChallenge, the Agfa Preisbox (Part 1)”