Our last vacation: 28 July 2020, Aveiro to Lisbon

As the Covid-19 pandemic held it’s grip on the planet, the Portuguese government did a sterling job closing down the country and keeping the outbreak under control (subsequently, by December 2020-February 2021 it squandered this good work by leaving Portugal open over Christmas and the New Year). We were lucky that by July 2020 theContinue reading “Our last vacation: 28 July 2020, Aveiro to Lisbon”

You can’t quarantine stupid

This may sound unlikely, but it actually happened. Some of these people might be my friends on Facebook, and if they recognise themselves and don’t like it, hard luck. I’ve not named anyone, and some details might be sketchy, but it came from a first-hand account. The son of a neighbour and his family wereContinue reading “You can’t quarantine stupid”