Volta a Portugal do Futuro in Carris

Each year, following the Volta a Portugal, the national cycling race similar to the Tour du France, there is a second race for cyclists of the future. Unlike the major race, which stick to the main roads, the Volta a Portugal do Futuro is on the back roads. Fortunately for us, they pass tight outsideContinue reading “Volta a Portugal do Futuro in Carris”

Here we go again? Fire spotted in the direction of Agueda

As we get home after an overnight stay in Aveiro, the first thing we see on the hills towards Agueda is a pall of smoke. Let’s hope this in not as bad as the previous fires. The police are still looking for the people who started those fires.

At Kartódromo de Oiã

We are regulars at the Kartódromo, whether covering a tuning weekend or just popping in to see the karters practising their driving. This time we were delighted to find two parties having an afternoon out. It was good experience for us, too, for some ‘racing’ photography. When covering the racing, or the drift nights, weContinue reading “At Kartódromo de Oiã”

Last weekend, the tall ships came to Ílhavo

This summer Ílhavo once again hosts the return of the tall ships. It’s a tradition for Ílhavo to receive the World’s tallest ships and value the Portuguese spirit of the sea, promoting mutual knowledge in a truly multicultural festival. The Port of Aveiro is transformed into a small city for young sailors from all provenances toContinue reading “Last weekend, the tall ships came to Ílhavo”