There’s a big life change coming up soon, so I’ve been consolidating and tidying up my presence on the Internet. I have social media accounts all over the place. Some that I don’t use very much (that’s you, DeviantArt), some which I use far too much (Facebook, for sure) and some that I wish IContinue reading “Consolidation”

Grande Prémio Anicolor 2019 in Carris

The Portuguese cyclist Francisco Campos (W52-FC Porto, front left) won the Grande Prémio Anicolor at the end of a 168.2 kilometre stage between Oliveira do Bairro and Águeda. The race started in Oliveira do Bairro and was the first race this year to pass over the newly-restored road between Carris and Oiã. Hopefully the ridersContinue reading “Grande Prémio Anicolor 2019 in Carris”

‘Old School’ advertising in Portugal

In 1963, Pan American Airlines (Pan Am) installed a billboard on National Highway 1, which was the main road that linked Porto to Lisbon. Over 50 years later, that billboard still remains on the side of what is now an otherwise ordinary building in the village of Costa do Valado. The road is no longerContinue reading “‘Old School’ advertising in Portugal”