Today I’ve been making some (really) #shittytrichrome, 03 December 2022

Today I thought I would try some digital trichromes with the Sony Mavica MVC-FD81.

To make trichromes I set the camera to black and white and took three photographs, using the red, green and blue Lomography filters. The images were processed with GIMP photo editor using each image as a layer for red, green and blue, respectively. The blending mode between the layers was ‘addition’.

The final trichromes were quite successful. They lacked the ‘pop’ of modern trichromes but have a certain ‘faded 70s’ aesthetic that I quite like.

I also experimented with making a trichrome with the ultra-cheap Instax colour filters bought for the #ShittyCameraChallenge #InstantRegret.

Although the filters were ‘red’, ‘green’ and ‘blue’, they really were unsuitable for trichromes, though the faux-sepia result had a certain appeal. The ‘red’ filter in particular had such a ‘twist’ in the layer it was almost impossible to line up the final image. That said, I loved it and think I’m going to try it with some other cameras.


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