Lo-Fi: Revisiting the images from the Bolta spool with expired Konica VX100 (c.2004)

Back in July I made a Bolta spool for the Ikkosha Start 35k with a 12 exposure cassette of Konica VX100 (expired 2004). After several failed attempts to produce a decent colour inversion I gave up and made a blog post with the images in black and white.

Recently, some users on Twitter were talking about just this subject, and @tangible_tones made the observation, ‘… before inverting, I do the white balance eye dropper in a blank part between frames.’

Now I have been using Snapseed, too and although I inverted the red, green and blue channels the colour was really off. Perhaps this was the missing step I was looking for? And guess what, it worked!

The results were so much better, though rather than using the dropper I selected the auto white balance. The colours are still way off normal, but I should have expected something like this from a twenty-year expired film stock with no idea of how it was being stored. Besides, it perfectly complements my own idea of what the #shittyaesthetic is all about.


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