#ShittyCameraChallenge, #InstantRegret: multiple frames with the Kodak Handle

It was such a lovely day that it was a shame to waste the light. So I loaded #theHandle with three Instax Square films and set out to make a triptych. 

The Instax mounts have to be loaded into the cassette in a specific order, otherwise they won’t work, and somehow when I was loading the cassette the mounts were in the wrong order. 

I went to my favourite little bit of woodland and readied the Handle. The dark slide ejected properly and I made the first exposure. On cranking the handle nothing happened. Damn! I thought. I took the opportunity to make two more exposures, cranking the handle each time. 

After the third exposure the film popped up! Quickly, I took the next two frames and each time the Handle worked perfectly. With a diptych and a multiple exposure in my pocket, I headed home. 

I think the light leaks at the bottom of the images are because the plastic light seal on the cassette is getting a little ropey with repeated use.

Because the first film wasn’t ejected properly this ended up giving me an unintended diptych. Not too disappointed, mind you.


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