Taking the Lomo LC-A out for a test drive in Águas Boas, 03 July 2022

When the Lomo LC-A arrived it contained what I thought was a part used film. Sadly, when it was developed it turned out that the whole film had been completely exposed to light and it was blank.

It was a lovely sunny day, and an opportunity to load the Lomo LC-A with one of the expired (c. 2002) 12-exposure Konica VX100 films I was using for the Bolta reels and try out the camera again. To compensate for the age of the film I set the film speed of the camera at 50ASA, and took the camera to Águas Boas.

After the film was developed the negatives were really ‘thin’ and the images were well underexposed. I would think that the films are suitable for use in the Ikkosha, with its standard 1/30s shutter speed, but even at 50 ASA the images were difficult to see. However, the processing laboratory (Forever Blue in Aveiro) did a sterling job and produced some nice images.


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