Concrete pipes in infrared, 3 May 2022

A couple of weeks ago I took out the the 2€ #shittydigital camera and photographed some long-abandoned concrete pipes. 

The concrete pipes taken with the #shittydigital Olympus

The plan was to use the modified Canon A1400 for some digital infrared photographs, but the weather was not good enough for infrared photography. This morning the weather was ideal, so before our fortnightly shop I packed the Canon and headed out. 

Imagine my disappointment to find that since my first visit and today someone had been along and taken all of the pipes apart from one broken tube and a few discarded stone. Still, in infrared the vegetation did not disappoint 

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'Let me close my eyes and sense the beauty around me. And take that breath under the dark sky full of stars.' Mira Furlan

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