My first World Pinhole Photography Day, 24 April 2022

I had great plans for my first World Pinhole Camera Photography Day (WPPD); making a pinhole camera from a wine box. Sadly, this wasn’t to be, but the project is ongoing and I had a worthy back-up: the Lomography Diana F+.

Rather than using ISO 400 film, which is typical for the Diana, I wanted to use something a little slower, to keep the exposures a reasonable length that I could count (in Mississippis). I therefore selected some Lomography Redscale film, and exposed at ISO 200. This gave exposures of roughly 1 second in sunshine or 2—3 seconds in the shade.

I’m note sure that any of the images are worthy of submission to the WPPD website, but it was fun to try and encouraged me to push on with the wine box pinhole camera. 


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