Lo-fi photography: microclick panoramas, 22 March 2022

Microclick panoramas are also known as Holgaramas as they have commonly been produced with the Holga plastic lens ‘toy’ cameras. Simply, the film advance of the Holga is manual, and each time it is turned it issues a little ‘click’. After taking a photograph, instead of winding on to the next frame another photograph can be taken and the overlapping frames create a multiple exposure. If the camera is turned a little to the right each time, the overlapping frames can create a panoramic image.

Although I do not have a Holga camera, the Lomography Diana F+ is very similar in function, and also has a film advance that clicks each time it is turned. For this example I mounted the camera on a tripod and each time I activated the shutter I advanced the frame by three ‘clicks’ and turn the camera a little to the right. I did this for two complete frames.

As it turned out this was a little too short, and next time I will advance the camera a few more clicks and turn it to the right a little further each time. In this way I hope to get a smoother panorama.

On developing the film, the laboratory scanned each frame as a conventional 6x6cm medium format frame. However, I managed to splice each frame together for the @ShittyChallenge on Twitter. They’re not ideal, but I was pleased with the results. My first attempts were two street views and two ‘landscapes’. 

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