#OldCameraChallenge, the Kodak Brownie N°2, Model F (Part 1)

The Brownie N°2 camera was introduced in 1901. The early model Brownies were a leatherette covered box but the Model F, released in 1924, had an aluminum case and a tripod socket.

Like all of the Brownie N°2 cameras the model uses 120 roll film to give a 6×9cm frame. The No.2 Brownie is significant in that it was the first camera to use 120 roll film.

The camera has a simple rotary shutter fixed at about 1/50s. On the top of the camera are two sliding levers, one for the bulb setting and the other to select three apertures (roughly f8, f11, and f16).

I reckon the Model F from the Outlet Box was one of the earlier models, based on the simple latch and pin mechanism holding the door onto the body. This model was made at the Kodak factory in Rochester NY, but a similar Canadian manufactured Model F released c.1925 had the same latch.

In the next part of the old camera challenge with the Brownie N°2, Model F we will look at the condition of the camera and make an attempt to clean and improve its condition.

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