The #OldCameraChallenge, 17 December 2021

The Kamerastore Outlet Box provided an almost instant collection of vintage cameras in various states of repair, some in perfect working order, some near to or not functioning, but all needing a good clean and renovation.

Dating from the 1920s to the 1950s or 60s, many of the cameras have been treated poorly over the years. However, all must have seen and recorded many special occasions for their owners, and it would be nice to see them performing the tasks for which they were built, once again.

Hence this year’s challenge is to take one camera a month, delve into its history a little, clean it and restore it to working order. Then I will load each with film and run a roll through the camera and, hopefully, make some photographs worthy of the camera’s history.

There were ten cameras in the Outlet Box, and of course twelve months in a year, but I have another couple of ‘vintage’ cameras in the form of Lomography’s Diana F+ and Sprocket Rocket that hopefully will stem the gap.

The first camera in the #OldCameraChallenge of 1922 (#OCC22) will be the oldest in the Outlet Box, the Kodak Brownie Nº2, Model F.

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