There’s a big life change coming up soon, so I’ve been consolidating and tidying up my presence on the Internet. I have social media accounts all over the place. Some that I don’t use very much (that’s you, DeviantArt), some which I use far too much (Facebook, for sure) and some that I wish I used more (Ello). Which brings me to Tumblr.

I’ve had a Tumblr for a while, it was one of the first social media platforms I joined even before the term ‘social media’ was coined. Thing is, I’ve never really used it properly; not as a blog, not as a gallery. Tumblr is one of those platforms that I feel I should have been more loyal towards. It’s been good to me, it’s never complained it’s always been there, but it’s been under appreciated. At the moment it’s just used to auto-post photos from my Instagram (a platform that gets far more credit than it deserves).

So I think that one of the things I am going to try and do is use Tumblr more often. Perhaps I’ll use it to auto-post to my Facebook page instead. Let’s see.

In the meantime, I found this image on my Tumblr. I can never remember what these flowers are called, but I always find the seed pods out of this world:

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