39th Grande Prémio Abimota 17 Junho 2018

One of the oldest events in the Portuguese national racing calendar, the 39th ABIMOTA/Altice Grand Prix cycle race set off from Lisbon on 13 June. Over five days, the Grand Prix took cyclists all over Portugal. After leaving Lisbon, the 14 June saw the professional and sub-23 national teams depart from Coruche on a trip that will take them to Proença-a-Nova, where the second stage begins. On Friday, 15 June, Belmonte welcomed the teams and the fourth day, 16 June, was reserved for the ‘queen stage’ that linked Almeida to Mortágua.

On Sunday, 17 June, the fifth and final stage was raced between Anadia and Águeda, where the Spaniard Oscar Pelegrí (Rádio Popular-Boavista), was declared the winner. Once again the race passed through Oiã on their way to Águeda, which was a great opportunity for me to get out into the sun and photograph the athletes as they passed by.

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