Into battle with the paintball warriors

We had a great time this last weekend, joining paintballers in ‘battle’. The weekend was organised by the former workplace of our cousin and everyone had a great time. The ‘battlefield’ was a three-storey derelict discotheque, the Lua Pub and Discoteca, which is now just a shell but must have been a fabulous place in its glory days. Now windowless and covered in graffiti, the ground floor had been fitted out with barricades and obstacles for the paintballers to roam around in.


Being indoors it was a little risky for myself and the camera to roam around while the battle was raging, but fortunately the organisers installed a couple of barricades outside the building too, so I could follow the paintball warriors as teams tried to sneak up on one another. I had a few preconceived ideas in mind, one of which was to get a shot of a paintball being fired – and I nearly achieved that.



It was the first time I have been to a paintball event, but hopefully not the last.

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