Christmas Eve at the Praia da Barra

It’s not just in Australia that you can head to the beach at Christmas, despite what everyone might be led to believe. Last Wednesday, Christmas Eve to be precise, we were fortunate enough to enjoy a pleasant afternoon at the Praia da Barra.

It might look tranquil, but there were lots of freestyle surfers enjoying some great waves. In fact a couple of times there were so many surfers going for the same waves that we had a couple of accidents. Although this is spectacular for photography, it can be quite dangerous in the water. Fortunately everyone that I saw was really great about it and looked out for one another. That’s the thing I like about Barra, everyone is so friendly and the beach has a special camaraderie.

There was a plan to head for the beach on Christmas Day as well, but this was thwarted by both a lack of waves and the fear that if I had headed to the beach my better half might never have forgiven me.

So I hope that everyone enjoys the gallery at and I hope that you will be able to like and share the images. All  being well, we’ll see you around Barra in the New Year. (If you’ve already seen the images that were posted earlier, the later images are PC247727 onwards. Sorry for the clumsy numbering.)

Bom Ano Novo!!

Published by Keith Devereux

'Let me close my eyes and sense the beauty around me. And take that breath under the dark sky full of stars.' Mira Furlan

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