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Although we’ve been a little quiet just lately, that’s not to say we’ve not been getting out and about.

We’ve been fortunate enough to be selected by Beachcam.pt to be the local surfing photographer for the Aveiro area of Portugal, which includes Praia da Barra, Praia da Vagueira and the Praia do Areão. As such we’ve been out photographing freestyle surfers catching their waves, which has been interesting and challenging all at the same time.

All of our images are being posted on Beachcam.pt, where you can choose to purchase high resolution images of surfers, bodyboarders and paddle boarders (known as ‘SUPs’). It’s early days at the moment, and an injury and recent illness have prevented us going as often as we like, but in the next few posts we’ll cover some of the sessions we have been to, which we hope you enjoy.