Surfing Photography at Praia da Barra

Our most recent surf session was at the Praia da Barra. As soon as we saw the waves, we knew that this was a challenge. The forecast was for waves of 1,5m, but they seemed to be more like 2-3m, and far out from shore. This time I wasn’t able to get some close ups of the surfers as they were 200-300m away from the beach, but when they caught the waves, it was spectacular, and kudos to the surfers for being so brave.

Sadly our surfing session this time was cut short by an unfortunate accident that led to a broken nose and an afternoon spent in casualty (not me, I stay firmly on shore), but in a few days we’ll be back on the beach.

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Published by Keith Devereux

'Let me close my eyes and sense the beauty around me. And take that breath under the dark sky full of stars.' Mira Furlan

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