Minta and The Brook Trout at Teatro Aveirense

“It’s not one, it’s two,” an original idea by ​​Fernando Alvim, represents no small thing – two concerts in one night with a difference: one of the performances will always be a risk; new blood, something fresh and vibrant that possibly a lot of people have never heard of. The other the audience will know already, has already sang in the bathtub, but will never cease to have that freshness that we pursue so much and that we want to be dominant.

Minta & The Brook Trout is one of the revelations of the year and their second album garnered great reviews from critics and the public. Minta is Francisca Cortesão (collaborator of B-Fachada and David Fonseca) on voice and guitar, and also the composer of the songs. An intimate project of sweet and luminous melodies that has just released the very critically acclaimed “Olympia”, while the irresistible single “Falcon” continues to play on several national radio stations.

Francisca Cortesão: voz, guitarra acústica
Mariana Ricardo: voz, baixo, ukelele
Manuel Dordio: guitarra elétrica, lap steel
Nuno Pessoa: bateria, percussão, voz

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