Balla at Teatro Aveirense

The few last years have affirmed the composition and production of Armando Teixeira as the most creative and distinctive in Portuguese pop music. Started in 2000, Balla has built a vast sonic imaginary through a discography that experiments with electronic, orchestrations, Latin themes, black music and a variety of solutions in search of the Song.
This time, Armando Teixeira is even more objective in his quest. By titling “Songs” to be the sixth album from Balla, the composer unveils the material that motivated his composition over the last year. Armando Teixeira recorded all of the instruments and counted on the collaboration of Miguel Nicolau (Memória de Peixe) and Miguel Cervini on guitars and João Rato on piano. Here is an opportunity to hear the new songs as well as the hits of Balla’s past career.

voz: Armando Teixeira
guitarra: Miguel Cervini
teclas: João Rato
bateria: Zé Vilão

operação de som: Hugo Valverde
agente: Cláudia Ribeiro
produtor executivo: David Santos

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